Homemade Anniversary Card Ideas

Having an anniversary soon? Searching for Homemade anniversary cards and ideas?

When I think of anniversary, first thought it should always come from the heart! If your making it for your partner only you know them best!If your making it for someone else you only know of them and who they are... Keeping that in mind I'm sure you'll come up with homemade anniversary cards and verses for all sorts of occasions.

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The great thing about an anniversary is that it can be anything... It can be made for all sorts of different dates.It doesn't have to be date of marriage or anything like that. For instance it could be after a 6 month period instead of a year.

Homemade Anniversary Card Ideas

I always like to celebrate the day we first hooked up as our official anniversary and including little dates like remember today was the first day we moved into our new home? I love my partner and I like to see everyday as an anniversary because it is a new day spent together!

Think of where you'd be without one another?

Don't feel confined to brainstorming all these card ideas just for weddings, there are other dates that make it special dates that are meaningful. After all it would not be meaningful if we didn't want to relive those special moments!

Here are some anniversary inspirations for your anniversary cards:

1. Use, Remember when we...

* first time you made love

* First photo together

* A first dinner

* If you knew each other before?

* A first trip

* First movie

* Something funny

you could incorporate it on the front of your anniversary cards with the date in decorative fonts and write these, remember when or it's the little things about you..., in the inside of your cards...

For example: I love to use the beach, where we first met! you can use beach shells and sand with footprints or holding hands...or draw a heart in the sand and take a photo of it!

For other couples or parents anniversaries emphasize...

* All the good times you know of them

* Times spent together as friends or families

* Values & qualities they both shared

Use all these ideas to create unique homemade anniversary cards for other people in your life.

Homemade Anniversary Card Ideas


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Keshia Fernandez

Handmade Card Ideas Using Craft Punches

Handmade card ideas can start from pretty paper prints, beautiful stickers or even a favorite tool like a craft punch. Making greeting cards can be fun but sometimes frustrating when you are just staring at a blank card.

There are so many tools and embellishments available these days that coming up with card making ideas seem endless. You can create beautiful, handmade birthday, thank you, Valentines, Christmas and get well cards using a plethora of materials.

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One popular tool is craft punches. I love using craft punches because my cutting skills aren't so refined. Since the cut is pretty precise, using craft punches give your card a professional, polished appearance.

Handmade Card Ideas Using Craft Punches

One of my favorites is the 1/2" corner punch. You can round off one, two or all four corners of your card. Rounded corners help soften the look of a card.

  • TIP #1: Cut two or three different sizes of rectangles or squares in different colors that coordinate with your card, each 1/8" smaller than the other, and round off the corners. Then layer them about 1/8" apart to give a dimensional effect.
  • TIP #2: To give depth to a card, cut out a rectangle or square shape, round off all four corners using a corner punch and then adhere foam tape on the back. Put your sentiment, sticker or other embellishment onto the rectangle or square shape.
  • TIP #3: You can also use a corner craft punch on your photos. Cut a shape from cardstock, 1/8" larger than your photo and round off the corners with a corner punch. Round off corners of your photo as well and then place your photo over the larger shape which will create a frame for your photo.

A ¼" corner punch is great for making tags as well as rounding off corners from square or rectangle shapes. Apply chalk paint to soften and highlight the edges.
Decorative corner punches are pretty and delicate. I like to use it on solid color paper or paper that isn't so busy because you lose the fine detail of the punch design.

My other favorite craft punch is border punches. As of this article, I only have one design but it has been so versatile, I've utilized it on many cards. You can include a punched border on the sides, middle and bottom of your card.

  • TIP #4: Cut strips of paper using different colors that coordinate with your card. Punch out one side of the edge of each strip and layer by overlapping the strips. Circle punches are great for adding a sentiment or featuring an embellishment.
  • TIP #5: Using a graphic software program, create a dotted circle large enough that it fits just inside the circle, close to the edge of the punch. You can also include a sentiment or personalized message. Print it out on light cardstock paper. Center and punch out the dotted circle or sentiment with your circle punch. Punch a tiny hole just close to the top and use it as a tag.

If you can find two circle punches, one about 1/8" smaller circumference than the other, the larger circle creates a nice frame and is just another idea to include in your card making techniques.
I think craft punches are a great addition to your card making supplies because they are so versatile and you can reuse it over and over again.

Handmade Card Ideas Using Craft Punches

My name is Chloe, a card making enthusiast, and I love to share my ideas with those of you that have the same passion for card making.

Find these tips, examples and instructions of how punches are used at http://card-making-corner.com/handmade-card-ideas.html

Homemade Greeting Cards - Inexpensive Embellishments

Embellishments can add a welcomed dimension to handmade greeting cards. At the craft supply store, there are a lot of pre-made embellishments for sale that can really become expensive over time. Thankfully there are a lot of inexpensive embellishments that you can find around your home or even at the dollar store or discount bin at your local craft store. Embellishments are meant to be fun decorative additions to your cards, so do not feel bad if your cards are free of embellishments, for the most part, the fact that you made the card yourself will be much more important than whether you have embellishments or not.

* Buttons
Using buttons is a great way to dress up handmade greeting cards because they are relatively inexpensive and can add a lot of dimension and fun to a regular handmade card. Buttons that match the colors of the card can be used to highlight text written on the front of the card or create a border of a particular element of the card. Buttons can often be purchased in bulk at the craft store and so many buttons can be used for a multitude of cards. For instance, a small collection of pastel colored buttons could be used for handmade new baby cards, Easter greeting cards, and Mother's Day homemade cards.

\"birthday Card Ideas\"

* Ribbon
Ribbon is a beautiful embellishment to add to homemade cards. Ribbon can be used as a border to certain elements of the card or ribbon can be used to add a bow or other special addition to a card. Ribbon is a great embellishment to have on hand because it is inexpensive and also you can use the ribbon for other crafting projects, such as scrapbooking, or even for wrapping small gifts for loved ones. Ribbon comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, but if you are just starting out, then you may consider only purchasing ribbon that will be versatile throughout all of your crafting ideas. Basic colored ribbon, like black, white, or red, can be used for a lot of different card designs, while polka dots may not be so flexible. So consider what type of crafting style you have before purchasing any ribbon for card making.

Homemade Greeting Cards - Inexpensive Embellishments

* Silk Flowers
Silk flowers can be purchased at craft supply stores and inexpensively at dollar stores. Silk flowers can be used for a great variety of different occasions, such as Mother's Day, wedding congratulations cards, or even thank you cards. The advantage of having silk flowers is that there are many bulbs when purchasing silk flowers, so that one bunch of flowers can be used for a lot of different homemade cards.

* Fabric
Fabric can add a wonderful degree to texture to a handmade card. Light fabrics, like silk and lace, can be a delicate and lovely addition to a handmade card. Some card crafters use patterned fabrics instead of patterned paper to add that extra layer of creativity. Fabric can be purchased in bulk or in the discount bin at craft stores. Some fabrics, such as solids or those with muted patterns, can be used for a lot of different types of handmade greeting cards.

Homemade Greeting Cards - Inexpensive Embellishments

Embellishments are fun and inexpensive way to dress up birthday card ideas, anniversary card ideas, and even Christmas card ideas. With the right embellishments you can add interesting dimension and a little pizazz to ordinary homemade greeting cards.

How To Make a Cute Birthday Card

I often find it astonishing the lengths individuals go through in order to satisfy someone by buying them an expensive birthday present. They often find rare, extravagant, and hard-to-find gift items for a loved one's birthday. And then they wrap them up in lovely ornate wrapping paper. which often can be as expensive as the gift!

Nonetheless, with all this effort people put into the gift, they then include a signed store-bought birthday card with it. It is astounding how uncommon an art it is to make a unique birthday card.

\"birthday Card\"

It is actually quite simple to create a birthday card. Plus it shows the birthday person how much you really care for them.

How To Make a Cute Birthday Card

Virtually any type of material can be used to make a birthday card. One grand idea is to use textured recycled paper. Then again, you can use fabric or cloth to make a card; you aren't limited to paper or cardboard.

There are many choices on what to use, limited only by your imagination. But the main idea is adding your own personal touch that will let the birthday person know that you find them extra special.

One thing to consider first, when making a birthday card, is who the card is for. That is, what taste do they have in their clothes, and how they decorate where they live, and their interests. Take me for instance. I like music, mostly oldies, so giving me a card shaped like an old record would be really neat. Or even made out of an old record, with a special birthday label on it, boy would I like that.

Anyway the point is that it would be special if you made your own birthday card for that person you love. And signing it with a message showing how you care would mean a great deal to them, perhaps more than an expensive present would do.

How To Make a Cute Birthday Card

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Creative Handmade Card Ideas on a Budget

Inspiration for creative handmade card ideas can be found everywhere. Unique handmade cards should not require a lot of fancy crafting tools and materials - just a lot of imagination and creativity. In fact, just by looking around the house you can probably find lots of fun stuff that can be used to make a one-of-a-kind greeting card. The recipient of a handmade card does not typically scrutinize the craftsmanship of the card because they are usually so overwhelmed with joy in knowing that you took the time to make them a very special homemade card.

Using found objects around the house could definitely be an activity worthy of involving your kids. It can be a scavenger hunt turned craft making party! Let your kids roam free and collect objects and things that they would find suitable for the hand-making card occasion.

\"birthday Card Ideas\"

Here are a few suggestions for some creative handmade card ideas:

Creative Handmade Card Ideas on a Budget

* Postage Stamps
Getting a letter in the mail is always fun, why not keep the postage stamps so that you can add them to a collage card one day? Finding cool postage stamps might also encourage the old time tradition of letter writing in youngsters. Send a letter with a cool postage stamp and receive one back in return! Grandparents would make great pen pals for their grandchildren; so who knows what some card making ideas will lead to?

* Junk Mail & Old Magazines
Sort through your junk mail and old magazines because you could probably find cool fonts for letters and perhaps some background patterns that you can use on a handmade card. You can always cut out individual letters and phrases to use for messages on the cards. Think of those ransom notes that you see in movies for some inspiration. How cool and modern looking would a handmade card could be with glossy letters in different fonts and colors?

* Wrapping Paper
Wrapping paper is usually designed for a certain occasions, think birthdays and holidays, so the designs on the paper can easily be cut up to make new greeting cards! Keeping scraps of wrapping paper does not take up a lot of space and the pre-designed pictures and messages could work when making a handmade card in a pinch.

* Old Calendars
Old Calenders are great for beautiful images that you can use for the front of your cards - or even for the background of a card. Cut out those majestic mountain peaks for a cool backdrop to a personalized message. Or trim down that lovely picture of a tropical island for a "Bon Voyage!" card for a friend going on vacation.

Creative Handmade Card Ideas on a Budget

For more creative handmade card ideas, including birthday card ideas, anniversary card ideas, congratulations card ideas, and more, please visit http://www.creative-card-ideas.com, a website dedicated to making greeting cards on a budget!

Handmade Thank You Card Ideas Using Silk Flowers

Handmade thank you card ideas can come be inspired by nature or even by looking at items around the home. Silk flowers are beautiful and relatively inexpensive handmade card embellishment that can be used to add dimension and character to any handmade thank you card.

Silk flowers can be purchased at most craft supply stores and even a lot of discount dollar stores carry silk flowers that can be used for making greeting cards. Another great advantage to using flowers as a handmade card embellishment is that purchasing flowers will often result in many flower bulbs and pedals that can be used for multiple cards.

\"birthday Card Ideas\"

When choosing silk flowers especially for greeting cards you should consider a few things. For instance, if you are mailing the card, then you may want to choose flowers that are relatively flat, such as silk daisies or sunflowers. Another consideration for choosing silk flowers would be the colors. If it is for a wedding card, then beautiful white flowers would make for a elegant card. If you know the wedding colors, then you might choose to match them with the flowers on the card.

Handmade Thank You Card Ideas Using Silk Flowers

For thank you card ideas, silk flowers can essentially be any color and in any design. If you are inclined, you may choose flowers that are reflective of the current season or the occasion for which you are thanking the card recipient. Silk poinsettia flowers can be wonderful to use during the holiday seasons. While pastel colored flowers would be perfect for springtime thank you cards.

Also consider that if the card is for a child, then silk flowers may not be a good choice as they can fall off and become a choking hazard.

After choosing your silk flowers, you should use a pair of sharp scissors to carefully cut the flower from its stem. Get as close to the back of the flower as you can without losing any pedals or other delicate pieces of the flower. If the stem is too thick to cut off, then you can carefully cut off the petals and arrange your own flower on the front of the card with a button as the centerpiece or some other creative centerpiece.

When the flowers have been successfully cut off of their stems, then spend some time arranging the flowers on the face of your handmade greeting card. Consider what type of design you will be aiming for with the flowers. Most times flowers are used to decorate existing focal points of a handmade card. For instance, smaller flowers can become a border to "Thanks a Million" text on the card. Or flowers can be used to bring out the background colors of a card.

While silk flowers can be used for decorations on a card, they can also be used as the main focal point, especially if you are not planning on including text on the front of the card. Or if you are making a few blank handmade thank you cards for future occasions that are unknown at the moment. A simple background with the flower in the middle can be quite enough to make a handmade thank you card stand out.

Attaching the silk flower to your handmade thank you card can be tricky. Consider practicing with flowers that you are planning on discarding. A hot glue gun is one of the best ways to attach embellishments to the front of cards with precision. Carefully use the hot glue gun to add a bit of glue to the back of the flower. Press the flower into position on the card and hold firmly for several seconds. Allow the glue to dry completely before handing the card again.

Handmade Thank You Card Ideas Using Silk Flowers

With practice, silk flowers can become a favorite handmade greeting card embellishment for all your thank you card ideas. Aside from thank you cards, silk flowers are a beautiful addition to anniversary card ideas, birthday card ideas, or even wedding card ideas.

Boyfriend Birthday Poems

If you're looking for a loving but personal poem for your boyfriend then you're in for a treat! I have put together the ultimate collection of happy birthday poems for your boyfriend that you'll ever come across.

I was annoyed that I had to sit there and search through pages and pages of websites that offered "inadequate" or "irrelevant" poems for my boyfriend on his birthday. I realized at the end, that there was no way I was going to find that "perfect" poem for my boyfriend as it just wasn't out there. The thing is I was no expert at writing poems in the first place let alone a sentimental one for my boyfriend!


Here is an example of one of the poems I used:

Boyfriend Birthday Poems

On your birthday sweetheart, on this special day for you,
I promise to make it unforgettable and loving for you too.
You mean the world to me and I wish I could just show,
How good you make me fell I'm sure you'll never know.
With each birthday that passes, you mean so much to me,
I am so grateful for those things you do that you think may go unseen.
It's always so important to make an effort for this time,
You deserve the best you deserve the most I'm so glad that you are mine
I can get you many presents but they will never say,
How much you mean to me on this special day!

The truth is finding a high quality and unique poem for your boyfriend is a real struggle. You will stumble across some poems but can you be sure that they will really be the "perfect one for your boyfriend?"

Therefore I had to do something about it. I managed to get some of the most exclusive poetry writers together and persuade them to write the best ever "poems for boyfriends" they could with a personal yet perfected touch.

I have put together the ultimate collection of happy birthday poems for your boyfriend. For a birthday poem for your boyfriend like no other click here http://www.happybirthdaypoemsforyourboyfriend.com.

Boyfriend Birthday Poems

I assure you this, you won't find any collection of poems that even comes close to the quality that this ultimate collection possess! Know I would love to include a few here but for space but to discover the ultimate collection of birthday poems for your boyfriend then just click here:

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I Would Love to Share With You a Cricut Card Idea For a Fun Mother's Day Card

This year I wanted to make our Mother's Day cards using my Cricut Expression machine. I recently purchased the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge and really took a look at all the great images that were on this cartridge. I can see many fun Cricut card ideas coming from this one cartridge.

The bicycle built for two would be perfect. Since the cards are from my husband and myself this would work out great. The basket on the front of this bicycle would look cute with some flowers from the Walk In My Garden Cricut cartridge, along with a small Prima flower with a rhinestone in the middle. For the center of the wheels I used a flower paper punch and added a rhinestone again for that added bling. I wanted to put two people on the bicycle seats, so again from the Sweethearts cartridge there is an image of the couple sitting at the cafe table would work, since they were sitting on a chair and now would be on the seat of this bicycle. All I needed to do was snip there hands apart. This Sweethearts cartridge is really fun!

\"card Idea\"

For the finishing touches, I cut our faces from a photograph and applied them onto the couples bodies. When I was done with these cards they looked adorable, and with our own saying inside that I printed with my computer would really make our Moms happy.

I Would Love to Share With You a Cricut Card Idea For a Fun Mother's Day Card

Making your own handmade greeting cards is the way to go. You are not just sending a card, you are sending a gift, that took time and a lot of effort on your part. Whether you are making your card using a cutting machine, rubber stamps or fabric, the person receiving this work of art will feel special, that you thought so much of them to hand make instead of store bought

Come and see how cute this card turned out and many other fun Cricut card idea.

I Would Love to Share With You a Cricut Card Idea For a Fun Mother's Day Card

Come and see all of the fun cards that I have made using my Expression machine. Visit me at http://JoansCraftWorld.com and maybe get some fun cricut card ideas of your own.
Make it a Great Day and don't forget to leave time to Craft!

Christmas Greeting Card Ideas - The Family Photo

Christmas greeting card ideas can create a roadblock if you're not creative. Creative ideas come from trying different ways to get what you want no matter what the art medium is. Whether it's a Christmas card, Birthday card or an Anniversary card, a simple photo can solve the problem.

It's not always easy to get all of your family members together for a photograph so you'll have to get the shot sometime during the year. The old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" is a true statement. Some people hate the idea of having their picture taken so you may have to use an old photo for this project.

\"card Ideas\"

The first option is for those who can easily get a photo of all family members together. As you choreograph a photo session, suggest that all family members where a shirt or sweater that has the same color. Red sweaters always make a big splash and statement during the holidays. If you get resistance, skip the dress code. You don't want to have a family squabble during the holidays.

Christmas Greeting Card Ideas - The Family Photo

Try to use a good digital camera if possible because digital cameras produce better photos. You may need to have a friend shoot the photo or use the auto set mode that most cameras offer. Try using a tripod to get the shot. At least 4 horizontal camera angle shots and four vertical shots should be enough. The idea is to get enough shots in case someone's eye blinks during the shot. Obviously vertical photos will cover card panels that are vertical and horizontal will cover horizontal panels and gives you more options to choose from.

Print out a photo for each family member that will get a greeting card from you and a few extras for extended family members. Buy a set of blank greeting cards. You will write a heart-felt message in the card after you have affixed the photo to the front of each card. Make sure the blank cards are larger than the photos so you won't have to trim each photo.

Set your printer up to print 4X6 or 5X7 photos. Make any adjustments to the photos using the software of your choice before you print the photos. If your photos don't need any adjustments, proceed to the next step. In fact, it's a good idea to print one card before you print them all.

Get a bottle of glue and start affixing the photos to the front of the blank cards. Keep a steady hand as you affix the photos to get a neat looking finished greeting card.

Let all card sit and dry before addressing them with your heartfelt message. Think of greeting card sayings that fit the person you're giving the card to. These ideas for Christmas greeting cards are similar to the photo style card some families put together each. This design technique is a lot more personal because it's made with your hands.

For those that can't get everyone together for a photo, take photo of yourself and repeat the steps above.

5 Top Tips for Christmas greeting card ideas:

1. Assembled all family members together for a family photo.

2. Use a digital camera to get a good quality photo.

3. Set camera on tripod or ask a none-family member to snap the picture.

4. Position the camera to take horizontal and vertical photos.

5. Take a least 4 to 5 photos to make sure you get a least one good shot.

Christmas Greeting Card Ideas - The Family Photo

For more Christmas greeting card ideas visit my website at: homegreetingcardbusiness.com where you will also find card ideas for occasions like keeping in touch, expressions for sympathy, thank you, congratulations and much, much more.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Whether you and your boyfriend have been dating for three months or three years, he deserves to have a wonderful present from you whenever he celebrates his birthday.

Well-thought out gifts are always a great way to show your affection and love for your boyfriend. Some men may not be as open emotionally as women, but your boyfriend surely could not resist giving you a kiss or a hug in exchange of all the time and effort that you put into finding the perfect birthday present for him.


Here are some great and romantic gift ideas to give the most special man in your life on his birthday:

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

1. Something romantic.

A birthday present does not always have to be something expensive. Be creative in thinking of a romantic birthday gift for your boyfriend. If he has always given you flowers before, why don't you return the favor by giving him a dozen red roses? It will make him remember you as the only girl who ever gave him roses for his birthday.

A little effort would go a long way, too. Cook him his favorite dish and invite him over for a romantic picnic or dinner. Bake him a birthday cake, invite his friends over and surprise him with a birthday party.

Shower him with love notes, or make his entire day special by giving him a different gift in the morning, noon and at night. Be creative in thinking of something fun, romantic and special to give him a birthday that he is not likely to forget.

2. Something that he wants.

If your special someone is into gadgets, give him that game gadget or music player that he is always talking about. If he is a car enthusiast, get him a great car accessory. Or, rent a sports vehicle or his dream car for him to drive on his birthday. Go out and spend a day indulging in the sport that he just loves.

3. Something naughty.

Glow-in-the-dark boxer shorts are a sure-fire way to tickle his fancy. An intimate yet funny gift will remind him of the intimate moments that you shared together as a couple.

4. Something nice and traditional.

A gift basket with all the things that he likes on one delightful package also makes for a great birthday present for your boyfriend's birthday. A basket full of chocolates or wine is a wonderful birthday present.

If he is an executive, get him an expensive tie, cute cuff links or a nice wristwatch. Give him a set of his favorite cologne, perfume and aftershave. If he loves sailing, get him an antique compass that he can use.

5. Something that says "I love you."

You can literally give him an item with the message of how you feel. Give him a keychain for his car and house keys with an engraved message. Even small items like this would make your boyfriend feel special.

Remember that it is not always the cost that counts when giving out presents for your boyfriend on his birthday.

A well-thought out gift that would remind your boyfriend of how special he is to you will send out the right message on his birthday.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

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The History of Computers

The early computers

The history of computer dates back a lot longer than the 1900s, in fact computers have been around for over 5000 years.

In ancient time a "computer", (or "computor") was a person who performed numerical calculations under the direction of a mathematician.

\"card Idea\"

Some of the better known devices used are the Abacus or the Antikythera mechanism.

The History of Computers

Around 1725 Basile Bouchon used perforated paper in a loom to establish the pattern to be reproduced on cloth. This ensured that the pattern was always the same and hardly had any human errors.

Later, in 1801, Joseph Jacquard (1752 - 1834), used the punch card idea to automate more devices with great success.

The First computers?

Charles Babbage's. (1792-1871), was ahead of his time, and using the punch card idea he developed the first computing devices that would be used for scientific purposes. He invented the Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, which he begun in 1823 but never completed. Later he started work on the Analytical Engine, it was designed in 1842.

Babbage was also credited with inventing computing concepts such as conditional branches, iterative loops and index variables.

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), was a colleague of Babbage and founder of scientific computing.

Many people improved on the Babbage inventions, George Scheutz along with his son, Edvard Scheutz, began work on a smaller version and by 1853 they had constructed a machine that could process 15-digit numbers and calculate fourth-order differences.

On of the first notable commercial use, (and success), of computers was the US Census Bureau, which used punch-card equipment designed by Herman Hollerith to tabulate data for the 1890 census.

To compensate for the cyclical nature of the Census Bureau's demand for his machines, Hollerith founded the Tabulating Machine Company (1896), which was one of three companies that merged to form IBM in 1911.

Later, Claude Shannon (1916- 2001) first suggested the use of digital electronics in computers and in 1937 and J.V.Atanasoff built the first electronic computer that could solve 29 simultaneous equations with 29 unknowns. But this device was not programmable

During those trouble times, computers evolved at a rapid rate. But because of restrictions many projects remained secret until much later and notable example is the British military "Colossus" developed in 1943 by Alan Turing and his team.

In the late 1940 the US army commissioned John V. Mauchly to develop a device to compute ballistics during World War II. As it turned out the machine was only ready in 1945, but the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or ENIAC, proved to be a turning point in computer history.

ENIAC proved to be a very efficient machine but not a very easy one to operate. Any changes would sometime require the device itself to be re-programmed. The engineers were all too aware of this obvious problem and they developed "stored program architecture".

John von Neumann, (a consultant to the ENIAC), Mauchly and his team developed EDVAC, this new project used stored program.

Eckert and Mauchly later developed what was arguably the first commercially successful computer, the UNIVAC.

Software technology during this period was very primitive. The first programs were written out in machine code. By the 1950s programmers were using a symbolic notation, known as assembly language, then hand-translating the symbolic notation into machine code. Later programs known as assemblers performed the translation task.

The Transistor era, the end of the inventor.

Late 1950 saw the end of valve driven computers. Transistor based computers were used because they were smaller, cheaper, faster and a lot more reliable.

Corporations, rather than inventors, were now producing the new computers.

Some of the better known ones are:

  • TRADIC at Bell Laboratories in 1954,
  • TX-0 at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory
  • IBM 704 and its successors, the 709 and 7094. The latter introduced I/O processors for better throughput between I/O devices and main memory
  • First supper computers, The Livermore Atomic Research Computer (LARC) and the IBM 7030 (aka Stretch)
  • The Texas Instrument Advanced Scientific Computer (TI-ASC)

Now the basis of computers was in place, with transistors the computers were faster and with Stored program architecture you could use the computer for almost anything.

New high level programs soon arrived, FORTRAN (1956), ALGOL (1958), and COBOL (1959), Cambridge and the University of London cooperated in the development of CPL (Combined Programming Language, 1963). Martin Richards of Cambridge developed a subset of CPL called BCPL (Basic Computer Programming Language, 1967).

In 1969, the CDC 7600 was released, it could perform 10 million floating point operations per second (10 Mflops).

The network years.

From 1985 onward the race was on to put as many transistors as possible on one computer. Each one of them could do a simple operation. But apart from been faster and been able to perform more operations the computer has not evolved much.

The concept of parallel processing is more widely used from the 1990s.

In the area of computer networking, both wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) technology developed at a rapid pace

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The History of Computers

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21st Birthday Cake Ideas

Top the cake with 21 candles: A traditional cake can be topped with 21 candles or two candles in the shape of a 2 and a 1. This leaves plenty of room and emphasizes the wonderful flavor the birthday celebrant looks forward to all year. Fill between layers with a favorite flavor like strawberry. Blowing out 21 lit candles is a whole new experience and can be fun to watch. After that, even a 21 year old, realizes they're getting old.

Make the cake in the shape of the numbers for 2 and 1: Everyone loves cakes made in special shapes. Large numerals made of cake really say it. Years later, it will be easy to tell what birthday it was from the photos. Since a great deal of the cake will be cut away to make the numbers, you should use a full sheet pan or two half sheet pans. Make sure you have plenty of frosting ready because the cut sides of the numerals will gobble it up like crazy.


Make the cake in the shape of wine bottles or a beer mug: 21 is the legal age for drinking. I don't promote drinking, but a cake in the shape of a wine bottle or beer mug can be fun for the right person. The shape may have to be oversized to have enough to serve party guests. The label on the wine bottle provides an opportunity for some humor. You can use the year of birth as the vintage and a play on the birthday celebrant's name as the name for the wine. Some wine glasses with ribbons can be set nearby to share a toast. Serve sparkling cider to those under 21 at the party.

21st Birthday Cake Ideas

Make the cake in the shape of a car: Driving is important to a 21-year old. A cake in the shape of his or her favorite car is a great way to celebrate. Use at least two layers, one for the body of the car and a smaller one for the passenger compartment. Tires are easy if you use dark chocolate cookies frosted and pressed on the side of the car (cake) body. Silver or black are very difficult frosting colors for the car body. Use wild colors like hot pink or lime green for the car body frosting and have fun. The glass in the windows can be done with light blue frosting and a few white highlights to indicate reflections. Very little detail is needed to make it look like a car once you have the basic shape and wheels. Soon your 21 year old will be driving away with a tasty piece of cake. Have fun!

21st Birthday Cake Ideas

Leefe Poche is the founder of http://www.cakes-you-can-bake.com

The Top 10 Funniest Holiday Photo Card Ideas Revealed

The holidays can represent a wide range of beliefs, traditions, and gift-giving opportunities. While the holidays are traditionally a time of religious and spiritual contemplation and rejoicing, everyone can use some humor in their life. This is especially true in today's tight economy where many families are discovering that they will be unable to travel to see family and friends this holiday season. This realization is making the use of Christmas cards and holiday photo cards, once again, a great way to reconnect with loved ones without breaking the family bank account.

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then. You can use your Christmas cards as a way to spread some holiday cheer by using humorous family photographs to design custom made holiday cards. Nearly everyone has a photograph or two that can bring on a smile even on the worst of days. If you do not have one that will work, there are plenty of opportunities to create a humorous holiday photo card with a digital camera and very little effort.

\"card Ideas\"

1. Bathtub Bubbles - Bubble bath photos nearly always bring a smile, especially when the tub is also filled with pets and/or children dressed in Santa hats or reindeer antlers. The bubbles end up being props of their own and the delighted faces of your children will shine through on these holiday photo cards.

The Top 10 Funniest Holiday Photo Card Ideas Revealed

2. Crazy Crashes - We don't actually want to see anyone get hurt, but sometimes the camera is right where it needs to be to catch a moment that says it all. Feet in the air, skyrocketing eyebrows, and mouths in a perfect "O" can bring make us laugh out loud in spite of ourselves.

3. Doing It Old School - Grab the family and get decked out in something hysterically historical. Add a sepia-time filter and you have everything you need for some comical Christmas cards.

4. Dressing Up - Most children love the chance to dress up in Mommy and Daddy's clothes. Grab an armful of shoes, jackets, dresses, and hats and let the fun begin. Your kids will parade and prance for as long as your camera batteries will last, creating funny family photographs perfect for your holiday photo cards.

5. Driveway Deliberations - Take a broom to the driveway and break out a big box of brightly colored chalk and urge family members to add their holiday message to the driveway. Once all of your "artists" have completed their works, have a neighbor snap a shot of the family declaring their holiday driveway message.

6. Exquisitely Embarrassing - Everyone has photographs that make the subject cringe and groan out loud as family and friends laugh riotously and tease affectionately. These humorous Christmas photo cards are sure to be a favorite, as everyone else recalls embarrassing moments of their own.

7. Food Foibles - Whether the photograph is of a toddler wearing their birthday cake or a bowlful of spaghetti, kids involuntarily feeding the family dog, or the new wife's smoke-filled kitchen, these photographs are sure to provide the comic relief everyone needs this holiday season.

8. Hysterical Holidays - Thanksgiving turkeys that ended up on the floor, silly Halloween costumes, family vacation adventures, birthday party disasters, and cake-mashing wedding photographs can all be used to generate humor as well as let others know what your family has been up to during the year.

9. Intriguing Insights - Candid photographs often show far more than was intended. Children stuck in buckets, dogs sneaking up on unsuspecting diners, and the kids' attempt at bathing the family dog can all provide plenty of good choices for your holiday photo cards.

10. Pampered Pets - Pets make great subjects for humorous Christmas cards. Most dogs and even some cats will tolerate being dressed, decorated, and posed in countless humorous photo card options. Santa hats, antlers, and human clothing can all be used to create something silly that everyone will enjoy.

We should always be looking for ways of thinking outside the box. There may be a humorous photo waiting to happen, and through more creative or non-conventional situations, you may easily capture that next holiday Christmas memory. This is also a simple, easy way to have a whole lot of fun!

The Top 10 Funniest Holiday Photo Card Ideas Revealed

Christy Bode is a customer advocate and blogger for Pear Tree Greetings. They provide affordable, high quality, personalized Christmas cards and holiday photo card selections.

6 Crazy Ideas to Put the FUN Back in Your Family Christmas Card and Family Holiday Photo

One of the most popular family holiday traditions is sending out Christmas cards to faraway relatives, neighbors and friends with a family photo. However, the actual taking of the family photo for the family Christmas card is not always a jolly joy, sometimes considered a nuisance task marked by grunts and groans, resulting in a staged, stiff photo of fake smiles and barely contained hostility. Try making the family Christmas card photo a wild and crazy experience and you will be thrilled with the result.

The most important aspect to remember while planning your family holiday picture is to have fun with it. If the family members are enjoying themselves and each other, it will shine through in the family portrait. Some creative ideas to help your family have fun and enjoy taking the family holiday picture for the annual Christmas card are:

  1. Get out of the house, out of the photo studio and take the picture outdoors, perhaps while selecting the Christmas tree or building a snowman;
  2. Wear matching family clothing - matching holiday Christmas pajamas or family matching holiday shirts are a great twist. You can also wear them on Christmas Eve and while Christmas caroling.
  3. Dig out a special picture from a special family vacation during the year - who says the family Christmas card has to be taken in the winter? A treasured family picture in Disney World or while white water rafting is just as special as one taken in winter.
  4. Wear goofy hats - santa hats, chef hats, baseball caps, be creative!
  5. Get active - instead of posing the family stiffly in front of a camera, try having someone take a picture of your family engaged in your favorite family activity, whether its biking, mountain climbing, lounging around, a snowball fight, sledding or playing the Wii
  6. Family collage - a really creative Christmas card idea is taking a close-up snapshot of each family member individually being their own individual self. Put all the photos into a collage to compile a family Christmas card that symbolizes the uniqueness of the individuals in your family and also how they come together to make the family special!

\"card Idea\"

This holiday season loosen up a little, be creative and have fun with your family while taking your Family Christmas picture! Family and friends will be talking about your Christmas card for many holiday seasons to come.

6 Crazy Ideas to Put the FUN Back in Your Family Christmas Card and Family Holiday Photo
6 Crazy Ideas to Put the FUN Back in Your Family Christmas Card and Family Holiday Photo

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Matching Family Pajamas to Crazy Christmas Cards - 5 Unique Family Holiday Tradition Ideas!

Family holiday traditions are as unique and varied as families themselves. Holiday tradition marks the season and encourages family togetherness. The entire holiday season is permeated with a beautiful air - families being together, spending time together, respecting each other and loving each other. If you are looking to start a unique and special family holiday tradition for your family, here are some great ideas that real families enjoy each and every year. Even if your family has a host of tradition, a new and unique holiday tradition can add some extra excitement to your family's holiday season.

Matching Family Pajamas - Purchase a fun holiday or Christmas design of family matching pajamas early in the holiday season and have the whole family wear their matching pajamas while holiday baking, watching Rudolph, trimming the tree, Christmas Eve and opening gifts on Christmas morning.

\"card Idea\"

Family Christmas Card Photo - The taking of the family photo for the family Christmas card to send out to family, friends and everyone is not always a jolly joy, sometimes considered a nuisance task marked by grunts and groans. Try making the family Christmas card photo a fun experience and you will be thrilled with the result. Some creative ideas are:

Matching Family Pajamas to Crazy Christmas Cards - 5 Unique Family Holiday Tradition Ideas!

  • Take the picture outdoors, perhaps while selecting the Christmas tree;
  • Wear matching family clothing - matching holiday pajamas are a great twist;
  • Take a special picture from a special family vacation during the year - who says the family Christmas card has to be taken in the winter?
  • Wear goofy hats - santa hats, chef hats, baseball caps, be creative!
  • Family in action - instead of posing the family stiffly in front of a camera, try having someone take a picture of your family engaged in your favorite family activity, whether its biking, mountain climbing, lounging around or playing the Wii
  • Family collage - a really creative Christmas card idea is taking a close-up snapshot of each family member individually being their own individual self. Put all the photos into a collage to compile a family Christmas card that symbolizes the uniqueness of the individuals in your family and also how they come together to make the family special!

Holiday Charity for the whole Family - the holiday spirit is all about giving. Try making your holiday charity a family event. Not only will this tradition instill the charitable spirit into children, but will give the whole family a special bond as they assist those less fortunate during the holiday season.
Christmas Eve Bingo - Christmas Eve is a special time for families to be together and celebrate each other. Make your own Christmas bingo cards out of construction paper using any fun symbols and bottle caps for marking the cards. Your family may have more fun making the bingo cards!  
Family Cookie Exchange -  A cookie exchange party is a fun event for adults during holiday time. Why not include the whole family and invite some good friends over for a family cookie exchange? Be sure that the kids help bake the cookies and mix the punch!

Matching Family Pajamas to Crazy Christmas Cards - 5 Unique Family Holiday Tradition Ideas!

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40th Birthday Cake Ideas

A 40th birthday is a great time to celebrate! If you're going to be throwing a birthday party for someone who is reaching that milestone, here are some 40th birthday cake ideas for fabulous cake possibilities.

First, consider the old standby. A simple cake should work for this one, but have the number 40 written as big as possible. Then, surround the edges of the cake with 40 candles. Don't forget to light them. And don't forget to have a fire extinguisher standing by.


Second, why not try a photo reproduction cake? These are becoming more and more popular and they can be very beautifully done. You'll need a favorite photograph of the birthday gal or guy. Maybe one with the spouse, or even with the kids. Phone around to local bakeries to find one that has the capability of turning the photo into a cake topper. They'll make an actual edible photo to put on top of the cake. Most cakes I've seen like this are real conversation pieces. Everyone loves them. And then you get to eat it, and it's always fun to see who gets to eat Uncle Larry's head.

40th Birthday Cake Ideas

Third, try the hobby angle. Does your brother like to fish? Then, have a cake decorated with a fishing theme. Does your aunt like to golf? Golf-themed cakes can be super cute. There was a very beautiful cake at my local bakery that was decorated with shoes and handbags for a woman who loved shopping. Whatever the hobby, the bakery can do it!

Next, you can't forget the "Root for the Hometeam" cake. Does your family love the Razorbacks? A cake in the shape of a hog, covered in bright red icing will always make people happy. And then you get to make fun of everyone because after they eat the icing, their lips and mouth will be bright red for the rest of the day. Any team colors or logos will make a super 40th birthday cake really special.

Lastly, don't scoff at the tried and true tombstone/over-the-hill cake. Yes, it's been done and overdone. But it also makes people laugh every time. And, truly, the 40th birthday is a great time to poke a little fun.

Whatever cake you choose, make sure to take a picture. Because the recipient is going to remember this birthday for a long time!

40th Birthday Cake Ideas

Leefe Poche is the founder of http://www.cakes-you-can-bake.com

Inexpensive Kids Birthday Party Locations

While throwing your child a birthday party is high on any parents list, most people don't want to spend a fortune for the celebration. Depending on the time of year and your budget, there are some great options for the location of the party (other than your home).

If you do decide to throw a party outside your home, be sure to include your child in the location decision. If the child is young, you may want to bring them to the location prior to the party so that they can get comfortable and excited about the upcoming event. Most kids look forwarding to opening their presents at the end of their party. So whatever option you choose, make sure you set aside a special place where all the party goers can place the birthday gifts.


1. Town Park Shelter. Many local communities offer rental shelters at the parks where they have picnic tables, grills and play equipment for the kids. The older children can go play while the adults hang out. The food doesn't have to be gourmet, instead keep it simple and easy like barbecuing hot dogs or burgers or a couple baked lasagnas with salad. Follow up with a fun birthday cake from your local warehouse club, grocery store or your own kitchen.

Inexpensive Kids Birthday Party Locations

2. Fast Food Restaurant. Both McDonald's and Hardees offer kids parties that include a party hostess, food and cake at reasonable prices. The other great thing about these restaurants is that many have Playlands or plastic ball pits so that the kids can be entertained while the adults chit-chat and relax a bit.

3. Children's or Science Museum. If you have a larger budget, a local science or children's museum can be a great place to hold a birthday party. Some places have party hostesses and provide some supplies, so just check what they provide in your city. You may only need to bring a birthday cake and presents.

4. Movie Theater. Many towns have inexpensive or dollar show theaters that will rent out the entire theater or give you big group discount as well as discounts on snacks and soda. Some theaters will let you bring in some of your own snacks and a cake so just check and see what can be done at your local theater by speaking with the manager.

5. Neighborhood Club House. If you live in a planned community, chances are that you have a club house in your neighborhood or apartment complex. Often these rooms are either free or can be rented for a nominal fee by residents. The club house would likely give you more room than your home, but it would still be close enough that you could set up the birthday party relatively easily. Not to mention, you don't have to clean your house!

6. Local Fire Department. Often times, local fire departments have rooms that they will allow local residents utilize for free or for a nominal fee. Some fire departments will even give the children of a private birthday party a tour of the department and let them try on some of the firefighters' gear and get their photos taken. These pictures make great keepsake gifts for all the children.

Inexpensive Kids Birthday Party Locations

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Awesome Cricut Card Ideas For Your Family

Why spend another penny on a store bought greeting card now that you own a Cricut cutting machine. You paid a lot for that Cricut, so let's put it to work. Here are just a few Cricut Card Ideas that will get you started and allow you to use any of your cricut cartridges you choose.

The next holiday coming up on the calendar is Easter. When I think of what cricut card ideas I can come up with, I think of how your family and friends will react when they receive a handmade greeting card made by YOU. Now that you have your Cricut cutting machine and a variety of cricut cartridges, it is so easy to add your personal touch to a card.

\"card Idea\"

If one of the cricut cartridges you have is the Cricut Doodlecharms cartridge, you can make a really cute handmade greeting card of the Easter Bunny or an Easter Basket filled with colored eggs. Or maybe another one of your cricut cartridges is the Cricut Wild Card cartridge so you can make a Filigree Easter Egg card. Another one of my Cricut Card ideas is if you have the Cricut Stretch your Imagination cartridge. You can make a card with a Bunny coloring Easter eggs or a bunny in a basket.

Awesome Cricut Card Ideas For Your Family

As far as all of the cricut card ideas I could come up with for Easter, not all of them need to have bunnies or eggs on them. Here is an example of using a different one of your cricut cartridges called A Walk in My Garden cartridge. With this cricut cartridge you can make beautiful daffodil, hyacinth, or tulip to be the theme of your card. You are the artist of this Easter card, show your creativity and have fun.

Then the next big card day is Mothers Day. Think of how your Mom will feel getting a handmade greeting card from her child. You will totally make her day. No matter what cricut cartridges you have you will be able to find some thing that will put a smile on her face, and of course you will do all of this with your magnificent cricut cutting machine. It could be as simple as a basic flower from the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge, that you cut into different sizes and layer on a card, and then add the words Happy Mothers Day, or to the Best Mommy in the World.

The great thing about your Cricut cutting machine and all the cricut cartridges that are available to you is that it gives you thousands of Cricut card ideas. You will see that your cards look so professional you will not be able to wait to send them out or start selling them. I'm going to get busy making my handmade greeting cards on my very own Cricut cutting machine, how about you?

Awesome Cricut Card Ideas For Your Family

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10 Birthday Gift Ideas That Cost Nothing

In the current economic climate we are all looking for ways to cut back on the outgoings whilst trying to improve the incomings! Well with most people sending 30 gifts per annum and each of those gifts costing an average of it means that we are spending over ,000 a year on this area of our budget alone. Imagine the difference it would make if you could send half of those gifts for free. This would leave you with either more money to spend on the other half or to save yourself a whopping 0 each year. Now that is a saving worth putting the effort in for. Below I have listed 10 Birthday Gift Ideas that won't cost you a cent. (I didn't include postage in the above example as some of the 'Cost Nothing Gift Ideas' may incur postage if the recipient lives to far away to personally deliver to)

1. Find a good online e-card website and send them a really nice online card. Inside enter the following message 'For your gift this year, I have subscribed you to a Joke a Month service for the entire year. Don't forget to check your emails on the 1st of each month!' Set a recurring reminder on your computer to let you know that you need to email your joke. When you receive the reminder, check all those emailed jokes you have received over the last month for a suitable one and send it on. Not only does this cost you nothing but you are also give the gift of laughter which in my book is priceless.

\"birthday Card\"

2. If the live locally, why not organize a Birthday get together for them and a whole bunch of friends at your place. You can set it up as a total surprise without them knowing and then just invite them round on the night using some excuse such as 'I really need you to help me tune in my TV set' or 'I have this strange damp patch in the bathroom I would like your opinion on'. OK, so how are you going to do it for free? Easy, all you have to do is to be organized up front. Firstly you draw a list of nibbles up (max 20 items), then you invite 20 friends assigning a nibble for each of them to bring. Along with this the odd numbered friends bring beer and the even numbered friends bring wine. Pick a few of the extremely eager friends to pop round early to help you decorate and now you have organized a great Birthday bash that will be really appreciated and you haven't had to dip into your wallet or purse once.

10 Birthday Gift Ideas That Cost Nothing

3. Save all those unwanted Christmas presents you receive. Place them in a strong cardboard carton and put them somewhere safe. Once Christmas is over, take them out and assign each one to your Birthday list for the year. You will be surprised how many can be recycled. NOTE - Make sure that you don't end up giving somebody a present of the gift that they gave you for Christmas!

4. When you are out shopping for yourself and you see something that you fancy buying but you only need one and they are doing a 2 for the price of one deal, have a quick mental scan down your Birthday list and see if there is anyone on there that you could give the second item to. Not only do you get what you want but a friend or relative also get a great gift that costs you nothing.

5. If you have a friend who loves takeouts, save a whole bunch of deals that you get delivered in the mail, cut out all the offers in the local papers, print out any deals that you can find on the internet as well. Make sure they won't expire before the targeted Birthday! Try to get around 50 to a 100. Make sure you have an extra large Birthday card, write your message inside and pack with all the coupons and seal. When opened all the coupons will spill out creating a great surprise ... and I bet they will use some of the coupons.

6. Great sources for free gifts are the hundreds of thousands of online competitions that you can enter online. Even if you don't fancy the item yourself I bet you will no somebody that would like it. They are free to enter and don't take that long to do and even your return on entries is 0.5%, you only need to enter a couple of hundred to get yourself a 'Cost Nothing Birthday Gift'

7. Sign up online for free samples; you will be surprised what you can get. You could go for all make up and pamper products. Maybe get yourself 10 to 15. Decorate a smallish cardboard carton like a shoe box and place all of your freebie samples inside. Label the box with something like 'Chloe's Pamper Box' and hey presto you have a great 'Cost Nothing Birthday Present'. It also works well with a whole bunch of food samples that you can get from online shopping malls and manufacturers, these make a great mini food hamper.

8. Look through your book collection for ones that you have read, but look like they have never been opened. Alternatively check your DVD collection out for ones that show no signs of having been previously watched. They are only cluttering up the house, they make great gifts, and again, they cost you nothing to pass on. Works well with CD's to!

9. Check through all you digital photo's on the computer for pictures containing the Birthday boy or girl. Print them out and cut them into different shapes. Collect some rusty colored dried leaves from the back yard and build a collage of the pictures framed with the dried leaves. Using different colored pens add a witty or loving caption to each of the pictures and you have yourself a great homemade gift (always worth extra points) that costs you nothing.

10. For loved ones you cant beat a really meaningful and heart felt poem. It may take a bit of time to put together and if you are struggling for ideas you can always have a check on the internet for a little inspiration. You can put your poem straight inside the their Birthday card or you could try it with a collage as in point 9 but maybe use rose petals instead of dried leaves (you would need to dry these out by pressing them first our you will find they will go all brown and yucky!)

Well that's the lot; Even if you don't fancy any of the 10 'Cost You Nothing Birthday Gift Ideas' I have suggested I hope that it has given you a few ideas of your own to help with keeping the outgoings down a little this year.

10 Birthday Gift Ideas That Cost Nothing

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Writing Tips - How to Write a Birthday Card

Birthday cards can contain a very simple, single-line message. Some people, on the other hand, prefer coming up with complex and more artistic birthday wishes. Writing a successful birthday card involves sincerity, sense of humor and emotionality.

In fact, writing a text for a close friend is far from complex. All you need is the positive sentiment connected to that person and your creativity. A beautiful birthday card contains a very honest and straightforward message.

\"birthday Card\"

You can create several types of greeting texts. It can be few-sentences long, or it could be a famous quote. You can even come up with your own fun and original birthday card poems.

Writing Tips - How to Write a Birthday Card

Simple Wishes and Messages

Traditional messages have their charm and such greetings will never go out of fashion. Starting a card by saying "Happy Birthday, dearest (name of person)" will always be an attractive way to start making your statement.

If you feel like using your own words, try to write several sentences of best wishes. Be yourself and use the words that are typical for your everyday speech. A statement written this way will make the birthday person think of you instantly.

Are you uncertain about the things to write about? What would you like to say to your friend or loved one? Which wishes will be most appropriate? You know that person and you know how to come up with something touching and very personal.

Here are several simple birthday card message examples that you can make use of:

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a tremendous year and an amazing party tonight!

Happy Birthday, dearest (name of person)! May all your wishes come true!

Every year we grow wiser and more experienced. Wishing you the wisdom to make important decisions and the childhood spirit to keep your life attractive and wild!

Happy Birthday, dear! Wishing you another great year of fun, friendship and moments that take your breath away!

Add Fun or Famous Quotes

Famous quotes connected to birthdays and special occasions will add some glitter to your birthday card.

Choose quotes and statements carefully. They have to correspond to the overall tone of the message you are trying to make. Here are several famous quotes that you can use when writing your birthday card:

- If you survive long enough, you're revered - rather like an old building. - Katherine Hepburn

- Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. - John Lennon

- Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. - Tom Wilson

- Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time. - Jean Paul Richter

Try Writing a Poem

Poems can be fun, emotional or very cute. A birthday card poem will add something extra special to your message.

Writing a poem is very simple, as long as you have the right idea. Dictionaries, even online ones, will provide you with rhyme suggestions that will help you come up with beautiful birthday poems.

Relying on your sense of humor is the best option that you have. Make your dear one laugh and you have certainly achieved your mission.

Remember that being yourself is the one element that will guarantee the success of your birthday card. Be sincere and even if your message sounds unoriginal, stick to it. These are your own words and the wishes you have for a dear friend. Do not underestimate the power of this message.

Writing Tips - How to Write a Birthday Card

Misha Anatolia writes about party planning topics, including birthday and bridal shower wording tips and other bridal shower ideas. Misha enjoys cooking and hosting parties when not writing.

Note: You can reprint this article in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active and dofollow.

Happy Birthday Card: A Special Gift on a Special Day for a Special Person

We often have problems on thinking what best gift would fit to our special someone on their special day. Yet, it never came across our minds that best gifts could only come from simple thoughts of remembering them on their birthdays.

Birthday cards are good examples on how you could express your thoughts of gratitude, appreciation or just simply remembering that today is their day! Through these cards, you could convey whatever you wish to say to the person involved and put across all unsaid words, feelings and emotions.

\"birthday Card\"

Buying a Birthday Card...

Happy Birthday Card: A Special Gift on a Special Day for a Special Person

Birthday Cards comes in various designs that are readily available to be bought at any bookstores near you. In choosing what to buy, one should consider:

* The recipient of the card. It should somehow reveal to whom the card is intended to. This anticipates that the totality of the card speaks about feelings towards the expected receiver of the card.

* The title of the card. The title of the card is important for it speaks of the card itself. The card must have a cliché title so as to give an impression of enthusiasm and excitement to the recipient.

* The cover of the card. The design of the cover gives the recipient a fancy feeling. In choosing a card, you must also take into consideration the recipient's personality. You might intend to give a card in which the design is too loud and lively wherein the recipient is too classy and sophisticated. This might result of losing the recipient's interest on opening the card.

* The thoughts written on the card. The card must posses the thoughts you somehow wish to convey. It might not be the exact words but still, the idea is carried out in the card. It could also contain some tricky ideas in which it adds spice and art to the card.

* The space provided. The card must have a space wherein you could freely write thoughts that was not written in the card, or things you still wish to say. This would provide you the opportunity of putting across your feelings and emotions towards the person.

Creating a Birthday Card

Personally made birthday cards are exceptional. These would give you the chance to personally craft the card for that special someone and would also showcase your talent in making a handcrafted card yourself. Below are some tips on how to make your personally made birthday card one of a kind;

1. Choosing the right paper to use.

There are lots of kinds of paper to choose from like construction paper, art paper, card boards, and etc. These papers also come from different sizes and designs. It might appear plain or have different creative patterns. In choosing the right paper to use, you must have pictured on your mind what would your personally made birthday card might look afterwards.

2. Maximizing your resources.

Recycling is one good idea of maximizing your resources. Cut outs from magazines, buttons, and unused left cloths are some examples of these resources that could be recycled. You could cut letters from glossy magazines to create an artful title or write it down yourself. You could paint a nice background design on the card or create a design using buttons and unused lefts cloths. Remember, the design would vary on how you picture your craft.

3. Creating a crafty design.

In designing your card, you must take into consideration the recipient's personality and relation to you without sacrificing the art of your craft. Pop ups would also give tricky, yet artful, design of your personally made card. But bear in mind of not over designing your card. It might look awkward already and would look over crowded.

4. Summarizing your thoughts. There are lots of artful ways on how to summarize your thoughts. Composing a poem or copying a line from a verse or song is an example of conveying your feelings. You should also consider the artful way of writing down these words on your craft.

Birthday presents need not to be expensive. There are lots of simple ways of sending your greetings. Birthday cards are one way of delivering emotions. It might be bought or personally crafted. It's not the value that counts, it's the thought within!

Happy Birthday Card: A Special Gift on a Special Day for a Special Person

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Expression of Birthday Messages

Birthday is a very special occasion to celebrate for everyone. The day full of laughter, cheers, and joy becomes more cheering with friends and relatives.

In this hectic routine of day to life it's not possible for everyone to be in person on the festive occasion of a friend's or relative's birthday. In such a situation a small and sweet birthday greeting or just a message also holds significance. Those who have their birthday love to receive gifts and wishes from their near and dear ones be it in the form of a greeting, a simple message on a piece of paper, a wish on the birthday card, or even a birthday SMS. In any form it directly touches the heart of the receiver as it gives them a feeling of intimacy and strengthens the bond of that specified relationship.

\"birthday Card\"

For sending a birthday message a deep thought and consideration is required to choose some golden and heart-touching words. Words that offer expression to emotions and words that leaves a lasting impact on the heart of the receiver. It should be such that even after the special day does, the message and the wish retains as cherished memories forever in the heart and mind.

Expression of Birthday Messages

Now the agenda lies in choosing the best message for your loved ones. There are many types and varieties of messages dedicated to such festive and special days of one's life. Before choosing the right kind of message it is very important to choose a simple and expressive language that is easily understandable. If the person you are wishing is not well-versed with English language try to use simple English or a sweet message in Hindi. There are ample of expressive and impressive Hindi messages. In fact at times Hindi is a more preferred choice for expression of emotions.

Depending on your mood and feelings you can decide to write a long or a short message but keep in mind that whatever you write should have a magical effect. If long messages are mere words then they are meaningless and if short messages are true, sincere, and from the heart they leave a magical impact.

In your messages you can either send some quote, some saying, or some natural words from your end. When it comes to originality and sincerity, you can choose to write simple words to appreciate that person and tell the person how important he or she is in your life.

Just keep these small things in mind before sending across any birthday message to your loved ones. And to your notice you'll feel happy to deliver a smile on their face with a single heart-touching message.

For an inspiring collection of messages check Birthday Messages Wishes.

Expression of Birthday Messages

How to Write Personal and Memorable Birthday Card Messages for Friends and Relatives

Birthdays are considered to be an extremely special day for all of us. Greeting the celebrant a very happy birthday can certainly brighten his or her day, but a birthday message that is created by you will surely touch the person's heart in ways you never thought would be possible. Making your own birthday messages only means that you made an effort to express what you feel and that the words came straight from the heart. Sure, the greeting card messages included when you buy a birthday card are good, but nothing beats a message that you made yourself and cannot be found elsewhere.

Where to begin

\"birthday Card Ideas\"

If you do not know where or how to begin, you can start by bringing up something which the celebrant has done that you are so grateful for. People normally enjoy it when they are treasured and acknowledged.

How to Write Personal and Memorable Birthday Card Messages for Friends and Relatives

What else to include

If you are a poetic type of person, you can compose your own poem and include it in the birthday card. Make a personal touch by adding the celebrant's name in the poem itself, a memorable event, or anything that is connected to her. Keep in mind, though, that you are composing a birthday poem, so it should never be irrelevant to that particular occasion.

Make it easy to understand because a poem using extremely profound words will not be appreciated by someone who is not into poetry. You should know the person well for you to be able to use the most fitting writing approach. Your message can be anything; it can be romantic, humorous, or contemplative.

If you and the celebrant have already known each other for years, you can include the most unforgettable moments that both of you have shared with one another like an event which made you realize how important she or he is to you. Give the celebrant the impression that you will always be looking forward to celebrating more birthdays together.

In conclusion - do not forget the most important aspect

There are no certain guidelines to follow when writing your own birthday message. Your sincerity is enough to make it the best gift the celebrant has ever received.

How to Write Personal and Memorable Birthday Card Messages for Friends and Relatives

How to Write a Tender Proposal

Which Kind Of Tender Proposal?

It is necessary to clarify right from the start, which kind of tender proposal that this article is to be based on. This is because there is the one where you write a sweet and tender proposal to your beloved to take the relationship to another level. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, this kind of proposal would no doubt be very much on the minds of many a lover. No, this is not that kind of tender proposal. In this article,we shall be looking at the ones written to bid for a project or business.

\"birthday Card\"

Important Elements Of Tender Proposal

How to Write a Tender Proposal

  1. Type your proposal using Official letterhead and quality stationery.
  2. Use suitable fonts such as Times Roman. Check samples for others that are suitable.
  3. Register your interest. Briefly state why you are interested.
  4. Indicate the number of days that your offer would be valid.
  5. List required qualifications and merits of your offer.
  6. Be formal but not impersonal. Customise your proposal. Ensure that it is relevant.
  7. Provide accurate and complete contact details such as name, designation, full address,telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and other related information including contact details.
  8. Use "yours sincerely" or such other accepted expression to close. Append your signature to your name and designation.
  9. Dispatch the letter via registered mail. Record the transaction and keep receipts.

Other Recommendations

Before you write your tender proposal, it would be best to obtain legal advise especially where the quantum of the tender is large or the tender is complex. Find out how the tender would be assessed,what is the process used and ensure compliance to the published tender requirements as well as specifications. Read and understand the relevant tender documents. Clarify details where necessary. Do you need to follow a certain format including number of pages and copies required as well as font type and size. Tender boards or panels are constrained by time and often pressured by urgency. Therefore, proposals that meet their requirements and expectations would at least make a good first impression.

Pay particular attention to submission dates and deadlines. Address issues that you foresee and state how these can be overcome. It is critical to bear in mind that price is not everything . The lower the price the better, does not apply here. Many have underquoted on price only to find that they cannot deliver. Finally before submission, subject the proposal to a stringent quality check. Do not overlook important details such as spelling, grammar as well as the correct use of verbs and adjectives. Get assistance where necessary. Use a good Dictionary or Thesaurus. You may even wish to use software to ensure that your tender proposal is well written.

How to Write a Tender Proposal

Written tender proposals are important documents. They need to be well written and include some important elements. To check the overall quality of the document, a software for better writing may prove to be convenient. To learn more, visit Better Writing for special offers and latest details.

Happy Birthday Poems - Brighten That Special Day With a Personal Touch

A birthday poem makes a wonderful gift on its own, or you can slip one into a birthday card or brightly-wrapped package as part of a larger gift. Let the ones you care about the most know how you really feel - you can create a memory that lasts forever when you send them their own unique happy birthday poem.

Here is just one example of a great birthday poem:

\"birthday Card\"

Happy birthday you look the same,

Happy Birthday Poems - Brighten That Special Day With a Personal Touch

Time is flying by, who should we blame?

Aging can't be all that bad,

More experiences, you get to add.

Your loved ones will appreciate so much that you put the extra time and thought into finding them a gift that speaks your mind and lets them know how much you care about them.

Every birthday is a great cause for celebration. Each year, throughout a person's life, that one day belongs uniquely to them - it is a day to salute their lives and let them know that you appreciate them and all that they mean to you - everything they add to your life.

What better way to express this than with happy birthday poems that celebrate the things you have shared together?

If you think happy birthday poems or themed birthday poems will brighten your loved one's special moment, share a poem with your friends and family.

When you put your heart into choosing a birthday gift, such as thoughtful happy birthday poems, your loved ones will always remember this thoughtful gesture. Nothing means more than a gift from the heart, so let a poem say what you feel, but have trouble putting into your own words.

With the gift of a birthday poem, you can be sure that you are giving the ones you care about something that no one else can, and something that they will treasure forever. A birthday is always a special occasion, and there is no better way to commemorate the life of a friend, or of those dearest to you, than by celebrating their lives with happy birthday poems.

Whether you want to cheer someone up with a funny verse or tell them how much you appreciate their presence in your life, whether it is the birthday of a parent, a brother or sister, or your best friend, you can find poems that say exactly what you want to express, or try your hand at writing your own.

Let a special occasion be the start of a new tradition. Make those birthday celebrations even more meaningful when you share the gift of a special happy birthday poem.

Happy Birthday Poems - Brighten That Special Day With a Personal Touch

My appreciation for poetry inspired me to create Special Birthday Poems. This is a website where I share my rhyming happy birthday poems and encourage everyone to share them with their family and friends. I have been writing these poems for nearly 3 years.

My selection of verses has poems that are suitable for any birthday celebration. Each category contains a number of meaningful verses that are created to make each birthday a day to remember forever. Feel free to browse the entire selection of birthday poems and choose the one that says exactly what you are trying to express on this very special day.

My inspiration to write more birthday poetry increases every time I receive an email from grateful visitors. I must admit, it's an extremely rewarding experience.

Music Ecards

In the past, the most special card we could send and receive was a music card. We savored the moment when we would open that distinctive card with the Happy Birthday song playing or that Christmas card playing Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland and so on.

Fast forward to the present with all the high technology and the Internet - now we have so many kinds of music Ecards available online. What's more, the music Ecards don't just play the usual birthday song and common Christmas jingles anymore. They also carry music like love songs, rock and roll, dance, pop, rap, the blues, country, jazz, reggae and folk.

\"birthday Card\"

The music birthday card plays the birthday song in different tempos, depending on the content of the card (slower rhythm for serious cards and faster for funny ones). A music E-card will truly add to the jubilation of the birthday celebrant. Music E-cards about love play sentimental songs couples will truly appreciate. Not just for the mushy ones, music E-cards also play rock and roll tunes. These are typically chosen by the young personalities to send to their friends.

Music Ecards

Whether you are really into actual rock and roll music or not, the beat will definitely up your tempo and brighten up your day. The same goes for music E-cards playing dance tunes and rap songs. Music E-cards playing pop songs are selected by young individuals as well. The contemporary music, whether mellow or fast, will please the recipient especially if the song and artist/ band are his favorites at the moment. Songs made popular by boy bands, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and other popular musicians are available. Interestingly, there are also music E-cards that play the blues, country songs and jazz. It is enjoyable to receive these especially if you are into that kind of music. Music E-cards that play reggae music are relaxing, reminiscent of the beach and its laid-back ambiance. Music E-cards that play folk music are ideal during celebrations of local events.

Music Ecards

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Creative Birthday Card Ideas

Creative birthday card ideas that you can use to create one of-a-kind birthday cards... Do you remember how many birthday cards you received last year on your Big day? As for me, honestly 2 cards. But both of them were personally made by close family members See I don't have a crafty family, neither do I got a big one, but I'll always treasure those cards because I know the time, thoughts and effort it took to create something personable that was "me"...

Which made me feel loved and appreciated! I'm sure that any recipient of your creative birthday card will also feel the same way I felt when I received my homemade birthday card. Take some time to plan it, if needed...Or if your like me and have so many wonderful ideas running wild in your mind then let it out... be creative! You won't believe the things you could possible create! Don't be surprised if you start having family members, friends and co-workers asking you to create creative birthday cards for them...

\"birthday Card Ideas\"

Here are a list of things you'll find helpful When creating a creative birthday card...

Creative Birthday Card Ideas

* Who are you making it for?

* What are their interests or style?

* What is their favorite color?

* When is their Birthday?

* Do they have a pet?

Above are some of the information you could consider when creating a birthday card for your recipient..

Basic Creative Birthday Card ideas:

* For her: Consider peach, pink and turquoise, Add ribbons or charms to add fashion, Shape cards into a purse, hat or flower. Use beads, fabric and a little glitter, Create cute images of hearts, bears, flowers and animals....

* For him: Add tools for auto lovers, consider black, blue, white and green, create hobby based themes like camping, fishing, paintball, surfing etc...

* For kids: Use images of toys, make a theme of their favorite cartoons or television shows, also consider bright colors, child, hobbies for example flying a kite, playing video games or cute characters like hello kitty and blue bear...

* For Teens: Use spunky paper like polka dots, stripes and patterns, Shape cards like stars, cell phones and iPods, Get images of their hobbies and create a collage, Use reggae based theme or surfing, skateboarding, body boarding, shopping etc...

* For Music lovers: you could create a card using Musical sheets or musical notes, you could create a photo of the instrument he or she plays or why not shape the card of the instrument

* For Outdoor lovers: Use colors and elements that are nature related, Include some elements that are cheerful and uplifting, For example: a flower in a pot for a gardener, a fishing pole for a fisherman

Creative Birthday Card Ideas


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